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Respected Hajj pilgrims

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Do you know that according to the current rules, you cannot perform Hajj if you want to? For this you need to complete pre-registration at least 2 years before going for Hajj. So if you are determined to perform Hajj, then complete the pre-registration today.

We pre-register for Hajj throughout the year. At the time of final registration, details of the package along with the price of the package and the name and address of the hotel in Mecca and Medina will be provided. So that you are not deceived.

So confirm your Hajj journey by completing pre-registration of Hajj today.

Hajj facilities

  1. Stay in the same hotel for the whole time of Hajj, do not transfer to more than one hotel.
  2. Three-course Bangladeshi delicacies including breakfast.
  3. Visiting sacred and historical places
  4. Arrangement of adequate number of experienced guides in the constant presence of office authorities.
  5. An experienced scholar will be involved with the group for urgent matters.
  6. Air-conditioned tents in Mina and Arafa.
  7. Arrangement of Hajj training and VIP service.

আমাদের হোটেলসমুহ

  • Mecca
    • Rehab al-Bustan

      Hijrah, Misfalah, (7-8 minutes walk)

    • Dar al-Munsi

      Kedua, Misfalah Bridge Gate, (10-12 minutes walk)


  • Medina
      • Karam al-Hijaz

        Markazia, Gate No. 15, (3-4 minutes walk)

      • New Al-Habib Palace

        Bab Al Tamur, Medina, (7-8 minutes walk)


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